Upper Valley Comunity Band - Scrapbook

Thanks to Doris Finnegan and her digital camera!

Our Director really does play a trumpet!
L to R: Iris Sindelar, Nancy White, and Carole Blake, Director, UVCB.

Take a look at John's short trombone! Pretty cool.
L to R: Donna Valliere, Kit Griggs, John Dutton.

A member of the "fan club?"

We can really pack 'em in on the parade wagon.

When the wagon is full, we go to the "annex."
L to R: Peter Flanagan, John Erickson, Ernie Schori, Jenny Bodwell, and Dennis McGrath.

On the first Saturday in August we have our annual end-of-season (catered!) picnic. Larry brings his sailboat... are they off to Gilligan's Island?

Meet Mrs.Spike Jones!
Also some pretty cool hats in the peanut gallery.

The flutes and saxes in concert!

The clarinets and trumpets... all together now?

The percussion section went to secretarial school...

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